Our services are second to none because our people are second to none.

First and foremost, they're problem solvers.

Making a difference is the essense of therapy. We are dedicated to improving the lives of our clients - one relationship at a time.

Choosing Your Therapist
Therapy is a collaborative process, so finding the right match-someone with whom you have a sense of rapport-is critical. After you find someone, keep in mind that therapy is work and sometimes can be challenging. However, it also can be rewarding and life changing.

The Power to Transform
Turner Professional Group brings together the talents of a number of professionals in conventional and complementary psychotherapy. TPG creates an environment that embodies the essence of healing. Under George and Lisa’s direction TPG provides individual and couples therapy, educational seminars, health workshops, pre-marital counseling, and corporate/non-profit training courses. The emphasis at TPG is on providing guidance to help individuals or work groups to achieve their full human potential and success, while increasing personal balance, happiness and fulfillment. Our relationship strategists guide individuals to more fulfilling lives. We see people with a full range of human issues. Our practice specializes in sex therapy, where experts in the field of sexuality work with individuals and couples on intimacy enhancement, sexual dysfunction, communication barriers, divorce negotiations and conflict resolution. Our team brings an extensive history working with people with disabilities, the LGBT community and their families, as well as various other cultural groups.

Independent Practice
Turner Professional Group is an association of independently practicing professionals, who share certain expenses and administrative functions. While members share a name and office space, they are completely independent in providing you with clinical services and are fully responsible for those services. Any matters concerning your clinical care should be addressed to your provider.

Please note that your therapist is not authorized to practice medicine or prescribe medicine; however, he or she will work closely with your physician to ascertain any medical or biological origins that may impact your symptoms.

4010 Washington Street, #405 Kansas City, MO 64111    phone: (816) 931-8255    fax: (816) 931-1874
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