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Diversity by Design: Creating A Culturally Competent Professional and a Culturally Sensitive Workplace

This is an intensive primer seminar series that offers a comprehensive overview of multiculturalism presented in a one and two-day format. It presents diversity as a natural part of the work environment- from co-workers to the clients with whom you work. Ignoring this aspect of life denies many from fully participating as a member of the work-team, or in the services that you provide, creating an environment of uneasiness and taboo subject matter. This seminar will move individuals out of the confines of myth and fear and explore diversity issues on multiple levels, evoking emotions in order to facilitate change. It is an opportunity for professionals to explore their own personal issues concerning race, ethnicity, culture, disability, sexual orientation, gender roles, conflict, anger, grief, white privilege, and other issues related to multiculturalism.





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