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Corporate Training > Supervision Skill Building

Leading, Managing, And Supervising: Getting the Most From Your Employees

Learning how to be an effective supervisor is a work in progress. Unfortunately, many mangers are promoted into these positions because they were good at their previous, non-supervisory jobs. When left to heir own devices, these individuals will supervise the only way they know how. Usually, two methods surface and neither is extremely useful. Supervisors without specific leadership skill training often model an “I’m the boss” attitude, viewing their employees as rogue children needing tight control. They may also default to following the example of those who supervised them. This could also be problematic if the supervisor they had was also promoted in the same fashion and never received any formal training.
The TPG supervision training will grounded in a discussion key topics that are vital for the successful development of people management skills, including:
•    How to motivate staff
•    Effective Listening techniques
•    Positive versus negative reinforcement
•    Managing the difficult employee
•    How to make evaluation easier
•    How to make evaluations meaningful
•    How to counsel and employee and still leave them smiling
•    Steps to follow in the disciplinary process
•    Why is documentation so important?





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