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Relationship Enhancement > Love and Intimacy: By Design

A Couples Relationship Enhancement Workshop Series

This is a powerful skill-building series, yet conveniently available for the busy couple.  And, ‘NO’ its not therapy! No one will be required to share personal details. It’s an adult learning format, where our TPG relationship experts share practical tips and techniques on a variety of relationship issues.

Take responsibility for creating the relationship that you want and deserve. This group is for couples interested in enhancing their relationship. Both, couples experiencing challenging obstacles, as well as those who just want to improve “on a good thing” are encouraged to attend. Material will include, but not be limited to concerns regarding trust, power/control, sexual boundaries, intimacy, and conflict resolution.

Couples will learn techniques to regain a failing relationship, add sparks to an already passionate love, communicate healthier and increase romance. Bring issues, past or present, that you have dealt with in your relationship and learn ways to effectively manage these issues. In this non-judgmental atmosphere, individuals are supported by each other and assisted in finding their voice, in an effort to develop authentic and genuine connections with themselves and each other.
•    Conflict Resolution
•    Intimacy Enhancement
•    Learning Better Communication Skills
•    Creating Deeper, Richer, and More Meaningful Relationship
•    Communicate more effectively
•    Resolve tensions productively





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