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What People Are Saying About George:

Diana Mange

  • "George is one of those people with whom you immediately feel comfortable. He is positive and focused and genuinely interested in others. I witnessed his commitment to community while serving as a member of a charitable board for which he was Executive Director. His knowledge in his field is impressive, yet he continually seeks further answers, readily admitting that learning about life, about others is an ongoing process. In a world filled with cynicism and gloom, George is that hard to find, hard to believe it exists; bright light of hope. He listens, he affirms, and then he helps work through issues in positive, optimistic ways."

2012Sallie Graduate Class Talk

April 15, 2012Widener University Outstanding Dissertation Award

March 22, 2012The University of Kansas Physicians Human Sexuality and Urology

Feb. 22, 2012The University of Kansas Medical Center Seminar on Sexuality and Psychiatry

Dec. 2, 2010Children's Mercy Hospital Ped. Endocrinology Presentation

Sept. 27, 2010Society of State Directors of Health Human Sexuality Ed Regional Conf.

Aug. 22, 2010Salina Journal Sexual Addiction

July 17, 2008PFlag Coming Out 101 for Parents

May 23, 2006MS Workshop Workshop on Sex Disability

March 23, 2005MS Society Customer Service

2004MS Society Workshop on Sex Disability

Nov. 12, 2003Rhode Island Dept. of Mental Health 3 Day Workshop on Sex & Disability

Oct 28, 2003Mark Anderson Guest Lecture for Graduate Social Work Class

Oct. 22 2003Cindy Larcom UMKC Guest Lecture for Policy Social Work Class

Oct 22, 2003MARF Workshop Diversity in the Workplace

Oct 18, 2003Lynn Kaufman Guest Lecture for Diversity Social Work Class

2003JCCC Guest Lecture for Intro Social Work Class

Aug 21, 2002Down Syndrome Guild Focus Group Facilitation

Feb 01, 2001Community Good Shepherd Teambuilding Consultation

Nov. 10, 1999 St. Louis ARC Conference Presentation on Sex and Disability

April 28, 1999Mathew Westra Guest Lecture on Disability and Sexuality

May 28, 1998MJJA Conference: Pat Holterman Diversity Workshop

What People Are Saying About Lisa:

Diana Mange

  • "Having known Lisa as a colleague and a friend for 10 years, I will say firstly that she has that rarely encountered; courage of her convictions! Her enthusiasm and strength have inspired those with whom she works and those for whom she advocates. I have called on Lisa’s wisdom, practical knowledge and sensitivity many times for assistance and advice, and sometimes simply to share in the joy of someone who truly loves what she does. With professionalism unparalleled, compassion unmatched, and dedication unsurpassed, Lisa gets the job done.”
    Diane Mange

Dec 28, 2011 Ink Office Space

June 8, 2011 Truman Medical Center Kimberly Reynolds MSW

May 21, 2011 American Stroke Foundation Kathy Parker, MS, OT

2011 Anonymous letter Anonymous letter from a couple

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