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Kansas City has many marriage & relationship counselors and therapists. What sets Dr. George Turner and Lisa Meyers apart is their designation as certified Sex Therapists. Together they created Turner Professional Group. TPG is a place clients, individuals, and couples, can visit to unleash their full potential, increase their joyfulness, rejuvenate their sex lives, and deepen their intimacy, as well as infuse confidence, peace, and success into their life.

Turner Professional Group combines the clinical expertise of a health care facility with a soothing spa environment. Clients appreciate the safe, tranquil and confidential atmosphere of our practice. The professional staff, calming environment and confidential setting create an exceptional healing experience.

Turner Professional Group (TPG) was launched in 2003 by George Turner and Lisa Meyers fulfilling a dream sparked in 1987 when they first met. In 2005, George and Lisa began advanced clinical training in sex therapy with one of the nation's leading sexologists, Dr. Dennis Dailey, DSW, a respected KU Professor Emeritus and skilled therapist.

Envisioning a comprehensive center to support clients during their personal challenges, the creative team of George and Lisa designed a state of the art health clinic with leading clinicians that could enhance the important aspects of relationship and sexual fulfillment. As a holistic counseling center, TPG provides relationship enhancement, sexual health and personal wellness. Through individual therapy, group work, marital therapy and couples counseling, clients are led on a healing journey to enjoy a more vibrant life.

Turner Professional Group is proud to offer a multidisciplinary staff skilled at addressing a variety of psychological, relational, and sexual challenges. Our clinicians collaborate with area experts in addition to your own wellness providers to offer seamless client healthcare. Clients seek help with life challenges such as parenting, couples conflict, premarital counseling, arousal and orgasm difficulty, painful intercourse, sexual trauma, barriers to intimacy, coming out as lesbian or gay, gender identity, menopause, infertility, stress and anxiety, as well as sexual addiction or compulsivity.

Drawing on a rich professional pool of various health disciplines, experience with diverse clients, and advanced clinical training, TPG has positioned itself as a one-stop solution for both personal and professional growth, providing a wide range of wellness services designed to deliver practical results that focus on creating positive, productive and quality living.

4010 Washington Street, #405 Kansas City, MO 64111    phone: (816) 931-8255    fax: (816) 931-1874
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